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Address: Số 43, Đường 85, Xã Tân Phú Trung, Huyện Củ Chi, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

Website: https://autoru.vn/


🔴 Introduction:

Autoru was established in 2004 with the desire to help babies have a good sleep, good development, and also to reduce the burden for mothers in taking care of their children. After nearly 20 years of establishment, Autoru has made a wide range of high-quality products that meet safety standards such as: Automatic cradle, Baby cot, Automatic hammock, Hammock rocking machine, Baby bouncing/rocking chair, Baby wooden high chair,…

Autoru products have been widely covered nationwide through the distribution system of reputable mom & baby retail chains such as Concung, Avakids, Bibo Mart, KidsPlaza, Shoptretho, Aeonmall supermarket,… and more than 400 agents, exclusive distributors; Online sales channels and E-commerce. Autoru brand has been well-developing in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and will continue to expand other international markets such as Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, etc.

In the process of formation & development, Autoru has become a prestigious brand, reaping many achievements and awards such as: High-quality Vietnamese goods for many years, Gold Cup of Vietnamese products in accordance with WTO standards; Vietnamese products – conforming to intellectual property standards; Meet global quality safety standards, etc.


🔴 Product/Service:

Multi-function crib, Automatic crib, Hammock swing machine, Folding hammock, Automatic baby hammock, Baby dining chair, Rocking chair, Powder feeder,…