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Brauer Vietnam started as a pharmacy founded by pharmacist Hermann Brauer in South Australia in 1929. Here he researched natural medicines and homeopathic formulations. Hermman became known for the effectiveness and quality of the drugs he discovered. Pharmacist Warren Brauer, son of Hermann, later developed the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and laboratory, located in the Barossa Valley, South Australia, where Brauer Natural Medicine still operates today. Brauer is one of the leading, most trusted brands in the safety of natural children’s medicines in the Australian market. All products are TGA licensed.

The first 1000 days start from the time the mother is pregnant until the baby turns 2 years old. This is an extremely important stage to lay the foundation for your child’s future. Strengthens the immune system, Enhances nutrient absorption, Brain and visual development, Outstanding height growth



1.Brauer Baby & Child Immunity Support 100ml .2/Brauer Kids Manuka Honey Chesty Cough 100ml ( new version ) .3/Brauer Honey Kids Chesty Cough 100ml .4/Brauer Manuka Honey Dry Cough 100ml .5/ Black Elderberry Immune Plus ” 6./ Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Forte. 7/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Vitamin D 400IU 10ml .8/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Multivitamin for Infants 45ml .9/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Multivitamin for Toddlers 100ml .10/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Multivitamin with Iron 200ml .11/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Vitamin C 100ml .12/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Milk Calcium 200ml .13/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Zinc 200ml .14/Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc 200ml .15/Brauer Baby & Kids Ultra Pure DHA 60 soft gels .16/Brauer Baby & Kids Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil with DHA 90 soft gels .17/Brauer Liquid Immune Plus with Lactoferrin”.18/Brauer Kids Liquid Iron with vitamin B .19/Brauer Kids Liquid Growth Support for Kids”.20/ColicEze Probiotic Drops.21/ Immune Deffence .22/Probiotic Daily Digestion & Regularity