πŸ”΄ Introduction:

QUADB is a health and beauty company that aims to expand the value of healthy life to its customers through superfoods based on the purity of nature and scientific principles. Its products are targeted towards women in their 30s and 40s and are sold in premium food stores such as department stores and home shopping channels.

PROJECT LIFE introduces a colostrum protein powder stick sourced from cows in Qlip-certified clean farms in the Netherlands that are not administered with antibiotics or hormones. The colostrum powder is made using freeze-drying process freeze-dried to process freeze-dried to preserve its rich taste and minimize the loss of nutrients. This product contains more than 30% of IgG, an immune antibody component that helps to protect the body from viruses and bacteria, as well as 100mg of lactoferrin, which aids in antiviral, weight control, bone health, and immunity improvement. Additionally, it contains 37 essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It is made in individual sticks to prevent deterioration, is easy to consume, and has a savory sweet taste without the use of various excipients, synthetic flavoring agents, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Inositol Folic Acid Stick is a vitamin supplement that is essential for the ovarian health of women preparing for pregnancy and is effective in preventing gestational diabetes and depression after pregnancy. This product is extracted from non-GMO corn and contains 200 ΞΌg of folic acid which is essential for the healthy growth of the fetus. It has a refreshing lemon flavor and is made in individual sticks.


πŸ”΄ Product/Service:

PROJECT LIFE – Colostrum protein powder stick, Inositol Folic Acid Stick