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🔴 Introduction:

Organic Life was established in 2019 with a founding team who are experienced and knowledgeable about domestic and international food, especially in the field of “Organic Food”. Organic Life was born from the enthusiasm of the founders who were familiar with Organic products since the early days of 2013 with distinct advantages.

Organic Life – Living Organic with the goal of leading the future in the organic food industry in Vietnam, becoming one of the leading enterprises specializing in distributing organic products with quality assurance and diversification. The product line helps customers have many choices of good, abundant, safe and environmentally friendly food sources.

And through the messages Organic Life – Organic Living sent to customers, most of them have been sincerely received. Up to now, Organic Life’s products have been present at major supermarket chains such as Con Cung, Winmart, TH Truemart, KidPlaza, Bibo Mart… as well as more than 1000 sales points spanning more than 30 provinces/cities major cities across the country.

Organic Life – Live Organic with the advantage of being the exclusive importer and distributor of the largest and most prestigious Organic brands in the world such as: Sottolestelle, Probios, Dalla Costa, Radius, Pierpaoli, Diet Food, Lumlum, Mennosato and many German domestic organic products… Organic Life is a reliable bridge between manufacturers and agents and retailers in the Vietnamese market in accordance with the principle of “Orange”. Cooperation – Accompanying – Sustainable Development”.

Participating in Vietbaby 2023 International Exhibition, Organic Life Organic wishes to introduce to parents and customers to visit the organic product lines of more than 30 leading organic brands in the world that have been approved by Organic. Organic Life is officially imported and distributed exclusively in Vietnam market.

🌈 Full and diverse models of the HOTTEST ORGANIC baby food on the market NOW, impeccable quality.

💯Official goods, vouchers, extra stamps, full invoices.

💯Quality assurance, competitive price, no intermediaries.

👉More than 40 kinds of ORGANIC Beans for baby food

👉More than 20 kinds of ORGANIC Vegetable Noodles for babies

👉More than 20 kinds of ORGANIC spices for baby food

👉More than 20 kinds of ORGANIC cosmetics for baby care

👉More than 100 kinds of other ORGANIC products such as weaning rice, weaning cakes, cereals, vegetable powder…for babies.

Each organic product that Organic Life Organic Imports undergoes a thorough appraisal and evaluation process regarding the production process, origin, nutritional ingredients, credibility and delicious taste. suitable for the taste of Vietnamese children. All products of Organic Life Organic are genuine, have international organic certification such as USDA (USA), EU (Europe), AB (France), JAS (Japan) …, guaranteed criteria:


🌾No pesticides, chemical fertilizers

🌾No chemical preservatives, additives, synthetic colors.

🌾No antibiotic residue

🌾No growth stimulants


🔴 Product/Service:

Cereals, oats, Museli Sottolestelle, Happy BeBi weaning rice, Dalla Costa weaning noodles, Lumlum and Probios weaning spices, Pierpaoli baby care cosmetics