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Japanese Bifina Baby probiotics

Belonging to Japan’s No. 1 best-selling brand 28 years in a row

Contains 1 BILLION SPECIAL Bifido Breve M-16V . probiotics

Specialized for children from 0 days old:

👉Constipation, diarrhea, raw stools

👉 Digestive disorders after taking antibiotics

👉Anorexia, malabsorption

👉 Weak resistance, or getting sick

👉Premature birth, cesarean section, using formula milk

Probiotics Bifina Baby – Easy Digestion, Stable Resistance

Bifido Breve M-16V is a SPECIAL probiotic strain, present in the intestinal tract of more than 71.4% of children under 3 years old, helping to stimulate the entire Bifido beneficial bacteria system in the intestine to develop FAST and PERFECT the microflora for children.

👉Bifido Breve M-16V in Bifina Baby is:

✅Top purebred breed

✅ HEALTHY goes through stomach acid

✅High adhesion to intestinal mucosa

✅SAFE for babies from 0 days old

Attending Vietbaby Fair 2023, Bifina Baby offers you many attractive promotions with hot deals up to 50%, flash sale time frame 20% every day. Especially the check-in program to receive gifts with Bifina Baby.

Customers and partners are invited to visit Bifina Baby Japan probiotics booth AT LOCATION N7 (near Buyer Lounge area) for more detailed advice on products.


🌟🌟Bifina Baby probiotics produced by the 130-year-old Morishita Jintan Pharmaceutical company

100% imported in original box from Japan



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