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ATONO2 is the leading cosmetic brand in Korea for children. Widely known and trusted by Korean mothers because all products are of pure natural origin, do not contain any harmful ingredients, do not contain alcohol and hormones… the most sensitive baby skin.

🌏 Established in 2013, after only 10 years of establishment and development. ATONO2 has been present in many countries and major stores around the world such as the United States, Canada, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand,…

🔬 What makes the ATONO2 brand successful is the exclusive CERA-OTM formula with 2 key ingredients Oxygen Beta Technology HQK-II and CERAMIDE NP. Instead of using ordinary water, the company extracts concentrated Oxygen water up to 30% from the famous pure mineral water source on Jeju Island, combined with Ceramide NP to supply nutrients for the skin, forming a dual effect to create 2-layer protective barrier helps keep skin healthy from the effects of bacteria, harmful external substances such as UV rays, dust and mold…

💯 ATONO2 successfully creates the best products that meet the needs of the skin, are safe, beneficial and internationally recognized by dermatologists. All of Atono2’s products are patented and excellently pass 19 rigorous dermatological quality tests in Korea as well as globally – something very few cosmetic brands can achieve.

ATONO2 has been and continues to prove that the brand always follows the philosophy:

✅Heathier: Helps build protective barriers, essential for healthier skin

✅ Safer: Contains only EWG certified green ingredients that are safe for humans and environmentally friendly

Gentler: Gentle formula suitable for baby’s sensitive skin

During 10 years of development, the prestigious awards that ATONO2 has achieved:

🏆 National Symbols of the Republic of Korea Award (Excellent management and customer satisfaction performance certified by the National Symbol of Korea)

🏆 Received Customized Brand Awards 9 times in a row.

🏆 Received the Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index 6 times in a row (Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index – The No. 1 Brand Satisfied by Consumers)

🏆 Received the Excellent Brand Award 5 times in a row (Excellent Brand)

💯 ATONO2’s products are guaranteed 100% safe for babies by Product Insurance Center of Samsung Group – Korea’s leading corporation in product quality inspection.




Bath&Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Soothing Gel, Sun Cream, Capsule Detergent