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The Clean & Vegan Beauty for Baby :  Taga

– The top priority in making Taga products is the essence of cosmetics: “Ingredients & Quality”. All Taga products’ materials, packaging, and ingredients aim to return 100% to nature after their mission.

The Joy of Bowel Movement! :  PooPooJalsaa

  1. Bowel Movement UP! Colon Movement Promoting Ingredient
  2. Body Fat DOWN! Carbohydrate CUT! Fat Synthesis Inhibitor
  3. Empty and Fill! Pupusalsa’s special ingredients

Flight Attendant’s Essential water : Heen

  1. Increase moisture absorption using osmotic pressure!
  2. Premium British Vitamin C 1,000mg
  3. Natural Therapy through Color Therapy
  4. Scientific Formula – Skin Barrier



Taga, Poopoojalssa, Heen