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๐Ÿ”ด Introduction:

In 1972, CEO Dohun Jung founded his own paper company and set the stage for the establishment of a promising era for colored paper market, full of potential. In English, Jong Ie Nara stands for Paper World, and ever since 1972, Jong Ie Nara has put tremendous efforts to inherit the Korean heritage of producing outstanding papers and increase the production capacity by enhancing mechanization system.

In 1990, Jong Ie Nara developed new technology of producing glue sticks without relying on other suppliers. With Jong Ie Naraโ€™s superior R&D capability, Jong Ie Nara produced eco-friendly glue stick and other adhesive products such as clay products for kids. This advanced technology concreted Jong Ie Nara to become a leading company in stationary and toy industries in Korea.


๐Ÿ”ด Product/Service:

JONG IE NARAย  – 1) Glue stick

2) Colored paper

3) Paints