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🔴 Introduction:

Babycoccole is proud to be the leading Italian mother and baby health care brand. The brand has been researched and developed since 1971 by the laboratory system of Betafarma – the pioneer in introducing the concept of “natural botanical ingredients” to the cosmetic industry over the past century. All of our products are selected from the world’s leading organic farms, from which natural ingredients are extracted for production.

To combine natural ingredients in the most perfect way, Babycoccole researched and created the exclusive Derma Protech formula, which enhances the hydration and effectiveness of the natural active ingredients in the formula. We confidently affirm that it is the exclusive Derma Protech that is the key to enhance the effectiveness of the products on the baby’s tender skin, like the sweet care from family love to the babies’ precious first days.

Every product has to pass 21 rigorous tests and is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, by distilling organic natural ingredients. In particular, Babycoccole commits that all products do not contain harmful chemicals for babies and pregnant mothers such as parabens, SLS/SLES… towards “Green Living” to protect the environment with friendly packaging and are absolutely not tested on animals.

With 50 years of experience in skin research, Babycoccole is currently the number 1 brand in Italy and the choice of 9 out of 10 families in Italy. Currently, Babycoccole is present in many countries around the world, committed to bringing products extracted from nature to care for children around the world.

In Vietnam, after only 4 years of development, Babycoccole has been presented in most of the provinces and cities across the country and has received the trust and support of millions of Vietnamese families. With the motto SAFETY – HEALTHY – COMPREHENSIVE, Babycoccole is trying its best to perfect the skin – hair – oral care products for babies and children, creating a complete baby care cycle. from A-Z according to European standards.

In addition, there are a number of product lines that make up Babycoccole’s impressive numbers at dealer systems and e-commerce platforms.

The first is Babycoccole 0M+ Shampoo and Bath gel which is exclusive Derma Protech formula, non-tearful, non-greasy, suitable for all skin types from the most sensitive. The product is researched from the outstanding trio of Lotus – Oat – Chamomile, which not only cleans mild bacteria but also prevents heat rash, itching, and protects the skin’s natural moisture all day.

Next, the Mosquito Repellent set including: Green Protection Cream, Green Protection Spray and Bite Relief Pen, are also trusted by mothers to prevent dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes and insects such as Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, Zika… The products are safe and benign to use for babies from 0 months old, pregnant mothers and the whole family.

Next is the Oral Care Kit with Baby Toothpaste (Strawberry Flavor, Apple Flavor and Banana Flavor) and Super Soft Premium Brush. The unique feature of Babycoccole’s Toothpaste is the Fluoride 0.095% – reaching the prescribed safe level, to whiten teeth and prevent tooth decay and plaque. The product has added natural synthetic ingredients such as Xylitol, Calcium and Vitamins that work to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Hopefully, with its efforts and memorable achievements, Babycoccole Vietnam always maintains its product and service quality, to become one of the leading prestigious mother and baby brands in Vietnam in the near future.


🔴 Product/Service:

Shower gel with lotus extract, Mosquito repellent spray with perilla and geranium extracts, Baby sunscreen, Baby hygiene solution from birth, Diaper changing cream, Baby perfume, Toothpaste for babies from 12M, Almond extract moisturizer for babies from birth, Almond extract massage gel 0M+, …