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Every child born is very lovely and precious to each family.

In order for our children to grow up healthy in the best environment, JJOBI understands the psychology of parents and strives to support raising children in the most intelligent way.

JJOBI with 2 main products JJOBI BOX toy sterilizer & the world's first JJOBI Mini pacifier sterilizer.

This is a sterilizer brand with many certifications.

Winner of the Best Design of the Best Design Award at the Red Dot Design Award.

UVC-LED sterilization is odorless, ozone-free, noise-free and heat-free.

Safe sterilization without the use of any chemicals.

Disinfect 99.9% of harmful bacteria on all surfaces.

Smart operating mode.

JJOBI - the smartest way to raise children for healthy physical and brain development.



- JJOBI BOX toy sterilizer, JJOBI Mini pacifier sterilizer and mother & baby products