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By the criteria to bring healthy and nutritious food, Mom’s Care introduces weaning snacks made from premium organic cereals, with beneficial bacteria for our loving babies’s gut health.

Mom’s Care weaning snacks help our kids learn how to eat fast through skills they have learned from holding, picking and chewing different shapes of snacks. Good-for-health organic materials help babies become more healthy and tall. Eye-catching colors with just slightly natural sweet flavor excite babies’s taste, make them become more interested in food, every meal will be a fun-time to our kids.

BVN is proud to be the exclusive distribution of Mom’s Care weaning snacks in Viet Nam!



  1. Mom’s Care calcium brown rice cake 6m+ 2. Barber Yogurt Farm probiotic snack 8m+ 3. Mom’s Care organic rice cake in box of 40g 6m+ 4. Mom’s Care dry yogurt 8m+ 5. Mom’s Care Chickpea Snack 6m+ 6. Mom’s Care Apple Cake 6m+ 7. Yogurt Farm Probiotic Snack 8m+