With 4 days of exhibition, the organizers not only create a shopping mall for the mother but also create a place to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for mother to care for healthy baby. The program sessions and series of games are organized through 4 days with a variety of topics every day, certainly mother can not miss.

Check out the highlight events at Vietbaby!

On the first day of the exhibition, besides the special opening program, VIETBABY’s series will kick off with a series of games and workshops for families conducted by the Bibomart unit. With the game series: “Leave the phone down and play with your children” in the morning and the seminar: “Raising kids is not a struggle” in the afternoon. Organizers want to create opportunities for parents to understand children, having a close relationship with children easier. At the same time to have the basic knowledge to raise children better, to grasp the psychology of children more easily. Next to it, on the Thursday, 5th, May 31st, there is also a performance from the children of the village of SOS.

The second day is very special that mother can not miss it. Surely on June 1st, she will always wonder about choosing the suitable destination for her baby. Then, VIETBABY will become the ideal choice for mom. In addition to playing for free in the game area, baby will join the contest awards program “ DREAM OF YOUR BABY” with singer Vy Oanh and children’s musical performances. Not only will the winners receive the gifts, but also the children are participating in the program on June 1st will also have the opportunity to participate in the mini game and receive gifts directly at the stage. Not only to spend the morning for baby, in the afternoon children also have program Funny gameshow for children is made by VBF unit, game show with many fun games, activities and baby will also surely have gifts!!!!

After all, the continuation of the game show will be Seminar: “How many minutes do parents spend for child each day?” from Today’s Women’s Magazine – Media Support Unit for Vietbaby. “Seminar: Raising children be smart, confident and sharing emotions” of Bibomart with the participation of Speaker Nguyen Le Khanh Van, a child-rearing expert from 6 months will be the “bottom-up” event on Friday.

Only the first 2 days has so many free programs so, would there be any other events or programs for the weekend? The answer is yes and many more. Talk Show: “How to take care of the children of a single mom” of Today’s Women’s Magazine will give mom opportunities to share experiences and experiences with other mom on Saturday, 2nd June, 2018. Then there will be a Seminar: “Early nutrition for kids” with speakers from Van Xuan Unit will give mom useful and unexpected information about nutritional food consumption, what foods are suitable for baby in this period. Seminar: “Safety Pregnancy – Children Raising” of Bibomart will last workshop of the day. On Saturday, program circus, magic and musical performances from 16:15 to 19:30 will be brought for baby a fun evening, vibrant in VIETBABY while mothers can have opportunities to buy more things.

Spending the whole Sunday for fun activities, entertainment, VIETBABY will bring to the arts, morning magic, reality show: The pregnancy challenge for dad to love his wife more for the family in the afternoon. Especially highlight of the day is the BIG BIRTHDAY celebrated the International Children’s Day June 1st. Do not forget the time frame from 12:00 to 12:45 on Sunday, June 3rd at VIETBABY, mom!


Exhibition Information:

International Exhibition of Products for Pregnant mother , Mothers and Children – VIETBABY 2018

Time: May 31th – June 3rd, 2018

Location: SECC – 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

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