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Coex owns Korea’s leading exhibition, convention and exhibition center and is the largest organizer of trade conferences and exhibitions in Korea, with events, exhibitions and conferences. Classical in the region and internationally.
As the first Korean company of its kind, with more than three decades of experience in organizing international trade conferences and exhibitions.
Coex is owned by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) http://kita.org/


COEX Convention Center in Seoul is the most modern conference and exhibition destination each year, the gateway to investment plans in Asia.
To find out more, please visit the Coex website at http://coex.co.kr/eng/index.asp.


In addition to owning and operating the Convention Center, Coex also plans and organizes events, conferences, and exhibitions. Proudly one of the most experienced professional conference planners in Korea. From the G20 Summit in Seoul to the Nuclear Security Summit, and beyond, Coex has been confidently selected and successfully organized the most important meetings and conferences in Korea. for almost two decades ..


COEX organizes and plans a part or all of nearly 50 exhibitions each year, and owns a total of 21 trade exhibitions including the Franchise Trade Show and Retail in Vietnam, as well as international exhibitions. Products for Mother and Baby in Vietnam market. The exhibitions organized by COEX in Vietnam are well planned and invested, with great media plans to bring success to the participants.


Sege is the pioneer in Korea, offering specialized exhibitions on mother and baby products and services, becoming one of the most popular exhibitions in the Korean market. Sege is also a very successful business with the development of educational exhibitions in Korea. With over 20 years of experience in the field of children’s exhibitions, Sege is a trusted name for all businesses currently in the baby care industry in Korea or wanting to grow their business in Korea. . With 8 specialized exhibitions each year, Sege meets all the needs of the participating business and accompanies this partner in brand development, as well as expanding the business effectively.


It is the first and oldest magazine for pregnant and nursing women. For more than 10 years, Mother & Baby has become the most popular food with a large readership. Rich magazine content led by top experts advise and make you read important knowledge throughout. motherhood. With a strategic vision, Mother & Baby Magazine has become the co-organizer of the International Products and Services Exhibition for Mother and Child.


Eva.vn is the largest news site on women and families in Vietnam (according to ComScore’s December 2017 data). With the experience and understanding of Vietnamese women’s insights, Eva.vn updates the latest daily news on women’s life, provides infomation about health issues, nutrition, pregnancy and collaborates with doctors and specialists to give high quality articles, which meets the information needs of readers. The featured categories of Eva are Pregnancy ̣(Ba Bau), Mother (Lam Me), Beauty (Lam Dep), Health (Suc Khoe) and Eva Kitchen (Bep Eva) are edited in accordance with the characteristics of the Vietnamese. Serving more than 23 million readers each month, Eva.vn has become a trusted place for women and families to learn, enrich their knowledge and enjoy their lives.