Hana Labs Vietnam

Joona Baby introduces Baby Fresh, which is simply the best sanitizing and odor elimination water in the market. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria within seconds, yet is completely safe for your baby. Using patented Korean technology, Baby Fresh harnesses the very same chemical that our own bodies produce to fight infections. Its safety and efficacy have been proven and approved by authorities in major developed nations. Baby Fresh is safe for everyday use on any surface. Tests (Korean Test Research) have proven that Baby Fresh causes no irritation on skin, eyes, and even when ingested. It requires no rinsing as it naturally turns into water after use.

Baby Fresh can be used to sanitize any surface. Spray on your baby’s hands before eating. Worried about utensils and food bowls outside? Simply give them a good spray (no rinsing required!). You can even spray on a pacifier – it’s safe for your baby to use it right away. Baby Fresh can be used on fabric, wood, and glass too. Make a habit of using Baby Fresh any time you wish to protect your baby and your health.

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