Address: 210 Tân Thới Nhì 1, xã Tân Thới Nhì, huyện Hóc Môn, TPHCM, VN.



🔴 Introduction:

TOPSHENG SILICONE is one of the leading companies in southern Vietnam specializing in providing various types of products and components made of silicone. The company currently has two factories, one in Vietnam and one in China, with over 43 main machines. Especially, TOPSHENG SILICONE not only provides simple supplies, but also offers comprehensive and optimal solutions for silicone products for manufacturing units of all scales, even start-up companies and technology incubators.

TOPSHENG SILICONE has different modern production technologies, including compression molding, LSR injection molding, and HCR molding, along with rigorous product testing before delivery to customers. We are confident that we can meet all product requirements and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

TOPSHENG SILICONE incorporates quality management into every production step by maintaining ISO certification standards, testing and analyzing characteristics from raw materials to final products to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products.

Thanks to the diversity of production technologies, high skill levels of engineers, and professional product quality management according to standards, TOPSHENG SILICONE has successfully developed and produced over 1000 products in recent years, and is confident in producing all silicone products, especially those for babies and young children, such as typical products including bottle nipples, pacifiers, teething toys, silicone toothbrush sets, and many other products.

For each product type, TOPSHENG SILICONE collaborates with the customer’s engineering team as part of the customer’s company throughout the product development process, from drawing design, mold production, sample testing, sample inspection to providing solutions to achieve the most perfect and cost-effective design. Additionally, TOPSHENG SILICONE also provides necessary advanced techniques to obtain solutions for products with complex applications. TOPSHENG SILICONE also provides the ability to create many real interactions with the product without additional cost, saving customers both time and money.

TOPSHENG SILICONE has only been operating in Vietnam for a few years, but the quality and dedication in each product is the key factor for the company to increase competitiveness and is also the foundation for all activities, helping the company to develop sustainably and have great potential to expand operations in the future.


🔴 Product/Service:

Nipple; Silicone Weaning kit; Pacifier; Silicone toothbrush; Silicone baby gum chewers; Silicone bibs / Núm ty ngậm, núm ty bình sữa, bộ dụng cụ ăn dặm bằng silicone, các loại bàn chải đánh răng cho bé từ silicone, đồ gặm nướu, yếm ăn silicone.