Omani Euro Food Industries SAOG

Omani Euro Food Industries SAOG
Category: Chăm sóc trẻ sơ sinh

Our product range:

1.Baby cereals with milk: 
This is the first solid food for the baby from weaning age. We have eight variants of wheat based and rice based cereals with milk.  

2.Brand Baby biscuits: 
We have stick shaped teething biscuits and animal and bird shaped fun biscuits which provides complete balanced nutrition for your baby.


3.Nutrita health drink Powder, which is a balanced chocolate drink powder for the whole family.

4.Trim Fast Slimming Food: 
Being overweight or obese are major health concerns for almost everyone across the globe. With this purpose we have developed Trim-fast, which is a meals substitute fit for diabetics and people suffering from high cholesterol. While helping to reduce weight, without any side effects, this product with all natural ingredients (mainly Wheat Bran and Whey Protein) provides you balanced nutrition, to keep you healthy. 

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