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By pioneering aspirations for sustainable development strategy, SnB Distribution strives to become the leading distributor in the field of products catering to the essential needs of mother, baby and family, in the direction of an international class distribution company.

Together with the SnB are over 30 trustworthy suppliers from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the US, and over 50 domestic manufacturers, suppliers. SnB constantly select and supply to Vietnam market average 25,000 units per year. We distribute products for mothers, baby, food, toys, gifts, and goods from Japan.

Currently SnB Distribution is the official distributor of 12 major brands in the field of care for mothers, children and families in Vietnam: Merries, Arau Baby, Canpol Babies, Lovi, Hello Kitty shoes, LEC, Icreo Glico, Aprica, Radio Flyer, Seria, Ilumino.

• Merries: a luxury diaper Japanese brand - officially came to Vietnam in 2014 through KAO Vietnam Company and distribution network across the country of SnB.

• Arau Baby: made in Japan, 100% natural herb for children

• Hello Kitty shoes: Hello Kitty is one of the most successful marketing brand in the world.

• LEC baby wipe: All LEC products are passed quality management system to guarantee safety, sustainability, practical, and user friendly.

• Icreo Glico baby formula: supporting infant growth and the health of mothers. In fact, ICREO Balance Milk has been prepared to be as close as possible to a mother's breast milk that is the ideal source of nutrition for babies.

• Aprica: Japanese brand with good reputation in the past 60 years, always ensure to provide strollers, automobile seats and other products for newborn and babies with top quality.

• Radio Flyer: is a traditional bicycle brand in 100 years and being a leader of the U.S. market.

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