Palette slime, This is a sensual Kidult Toy shop based on slime.
1. Slime, Anti-stress product. To see, smell, listen to sounds, enjoy texture with your hands, relieve stress. This item is satisfied with five senses.

2. Palette Slime, It’s a story like making an object out of a palette of slime. I’m going to be inspired by my daily life and surroundings, and I’m going to share my feelings with people who face the object.

3. The best way to rest, Mindfulness It’s not the body, it’s the brain resting. The brain uses energy without doing anything. Slime, the outside world’s not getting any more confused. It helps you focus only on your senses. Focusing on repetitive play and action It induces the brain to rest.

It’s a pretty good toy called Palette Slime.