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Soki Novo is a SPECIAL product for babies vomiting from milk

With a set of milk-friendly ingredients, SOKI NOVO offers a fast, effective and safe solution to improve vomiting and regurgitation for infants from 1 day of age.

GOS - instant shipping
Increase gastric emptying speed up to 30% faster to help promote digestion, prevent gastric reflux, reduce vomiting immediately.

Lactoferrine - Powerful attack

By 'combating' iron with harmful bacteria, Lactoferrine helps promote intestinal health, faster digestion, helps resolve vomiting at the root and stabilizes it in the long term.

HMO - Shield of Protection

The third most abundant nutrient in breast milk, to nourish beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, strengthen the resistance, help protect the body against agents that cause vomiting and disease.

Lactium - Chill with mother and baby

Is a nutrient hydrolyzed from natural milk proteins, derived from breast milk. Lactium helps babies relax, relieve stress, thereby reducing vomiting caused by fussing and twisting.

Soki Novo is proud to be a product selected and recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition with anti-vomiting effect for young children.

Along with that, there are a series of safety certifications at home and abroad such as GRAS of the US FDA, EFSA of the European Food Safety Authority, the Ministry of Health, etc., manufactured 
at GMP-WHO standard factory, committed to the safety of babies. from 1 day old



- Soki Novo - Specialized for children vomiting