Jeong Jae-won – Team Leader



Bonita Bebe started its business as an OEM specialized manufacturer. On March 5, 2014, however, we established our own brand Bonita Bebe.
It is an infant bedding brand that produces allergy-free cover bedding, character bedding, multi-bumper beds, and play mats. Our business philosophy is “Quality is Power”. We have been growing nearly double in the annual sales and brand awareness through performing all the stages by ourselves such as manufacturing, product developing and design.


Bumper Bed
It is a mat style bed that can be used for newborns. It serves as a safe room for the baby.
It is a product that can be assembled in a variety of sizes with patented assemblies. Unlike traditional products, parents and the baby can use together.
It can be assembled in various shapes and sizes so that any household can accommodate it.
Because of the height of the bed infants under 20 months old can’t come out alone, helping parents to relax and to keep their baby safe.
It is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a floor mat in infancy by unfolding the product on the floor. It can be used as a safe floor mat on which children can walk or run.
1. Stability (prevention of accidents caused by falling)
2. Ease of use (Patented assembly allow you to assemble the product in various shapes and sizes according to the size of the house)
3. Stability with 50 cm high guard
4. Various applications (baby bed, safety guard/safety floor mat for toddlers, playroom, toy locker)
5. Waterproof
6. Convenient management (cleaning with towel or wet tissues)
7. Various variants (patented assembly allows you to assemble it in any size as desired)