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50-155, Dongmakdong-gil, Haean-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

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EXHIBIT PRODUCTS: between bamboo ALL-IN-ONE baby carrier & hip-seat

Product Features
(Eg. Material/Thickness/Drain holePacking Details)
1. Bamboo material
Bamboo fabric is natural regenerated fiber from bamboo pulp. it is a recycled fiber made from natural materials extracted from new materials, Anti bacterial, Deodorant, breathable, absorbent, soft touch it is characteristic fiber

2. All-in-ONE product
With Between’s own unique design, can use from newborn baby until 36months. Our product is highly utilized.

3. Inner Sheet
Inner sheets can be used for up to four months, from infants who can’t hold their necks. The lining of the shoulder cushion corrects the pull position. The mesh material absorbs perspiration and provides excellent ventilation. You can use neonatal pads as lactation without purchasing them separately.

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