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PIC: Pham Ngoc Quan

Mobile: 0833231818 – 02432121635


Add: 128 Võ Chí Công, Xuân La, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội



Aladdin Vina’s criterion is to become an effective arm of parents in taking care of their young children and improving the quality of their lives with the safest, quality and most convenient products. Therefore, Aladdin Vina always listens to the opinions of parents to meet the needs of products as well as create and launch many new designs. At the same time, through safe products, we want to change the habit of using safe products for Vietnamese children, towards a healthy Vietnam.


- Rototo Bebe anti-reflux pillow

- Bebedang Organic Brown Rice Cake

- Ispoon organic weaning porridge

- Ispoon organic fruit juice

- Shredded seaweed sprinkled with organic rice Ispoon

- Organic seaweed Ispoon

- Yomit freeze-dried yogurt

- Yomit freeze-dried cheese

- UINLUI baby food set